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Accessible Seating

Fans With Disabilities & Accessibility Needs

We welcome the opportunity to serve all our guests. The Riverhawks, the City of Edmonton and RE/MAX Field are committed to the enjoyment of every guest and our staff are available to help patrons as needed at all Riverhawks games and related events.

Accessible Parking

Parking spaces for patrons with mobility/accessibility impairments are located just across 97A avenue from the main entrance of RE/MAX Field in the facility main parking lot. These are complimentary parking spots for vehicles with valid Disabled Placards.

Accessible Seating

RE/MAX Field has dedicated accessible seating areas available for guests with disabilities. All Accessible seating, whether for a wheelchair or for an attendant, is sold at General Admission pricing. Guests can contact the Riverhawks office for information regarding the availability of accessible seating. Please inform your ticket seller of any special needs you may have that require accommodation when purchasing your ticket.

RE/MAX Field has an accessible elevator for fans who have difficulty using the main facility stairs. Please ask one of our staff for assistance if the elevator is required.


The concessions are located throughout the stadium concourse level are at a height which allows for wheelchair access.


All entrances at RE/MAX Field are accessible, however, the optimal entrance for guests requiring access to the elevator is the main entrance on the northeast corner of the stadium.

Facility Washrooms

All washrooms at RE/MAX Field are wheelchair accessible.

Service Animals

Service Animals are welcome at RE/MAX Field. Please notify your ticket seller at the time of purchase if an aisle seat is required for your service animal.

Any questions regarding accessibility at RE/MAX Field can be directed to the Riverhawks office.