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Balcony Box Rentals

RE/MAX Field provides a great baseball experience for fans who may want to sit with their friends in a balcony box just above the field of play.

The Riverhawks are pleased to offer fans the opportunity to rent a 12 seat balcony box for the entire West Coast League season, a 9 game package, a 6 game package or for one specific home game. Please contact the Riverhawks office early to reserve your balcony box.

Riverhawks 2021 Suite Pricing

12 Seat Balcony Box Season Rental


12 Seat Balcony Box 9 Game Rental


12 Seat Balcony Box 6 Game Rental


12 Seat Balcony Box 1 Game Rental


* GST not included in ticket prices
** Ticketing surchage may apply