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A Heartfelt Thank You


After a Sensational Season!

(One Hundredth Thousand Fan Receives Sourvenir Bus Stop Sign :) )

The awards have been handed out (congrats, again, Halen Knoll, Riley Barrett & mates!). The title has been awarded (kudos, Corvallis!). Our stands sit empty (dang we had so much fun! Prizes have been claimed (very excited winners!). And we're left to reflect upon the 2023 season that was (we are definitely not feeling sorry for ourselves!).

The first thing that springs to mind is our fans setting a West Coast League record attendance of 104,704. It is a staggering number and we are overwhelmed by the support in Riverhawk Country. But there's something more.

We smile looking back on all the fun we had, what with the wacky contests and cool themes that really resonated with people. We are truly fortunate to be able to stage 27 parties on the best land in Edmonton. But there's still something else.

The land we play on in the beautiful river valley has been a sacred gathering ground in Treaty 6 territory for thousands of years. And that is what it is today. A place where people gather to have fun, catch up and make memories.

We gather to, ultimately, build community - that is what it's all about.

We are so grateful to have so many people coming together to help build community. We aim to be an open, inviting, inclusive and safe place to people to come play with us.

And we are fortunate to work with partners who share our values. From our corporate sponsors to our community partners to our volunteer leaders, we are moved by what we see. We watch so many friends helping to make this place and these events special. We are humbled.

And we are all already busy going to work for you for the 2024 season. We are here to serve you and excited to get after it again to fill those stands next summer with you beautiful people

Thank you.

Edmonton Riverhawks 2023 Season End Video