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About River and Kid

Meet River and Kid, our two fun-loving Hawks who have ruled the roost at RE/MAX Field since 2021!

Hatched on the riverbanks of the North Saskatchewan, River with his love for baseball and Kid with his love for fun and mischief, they have become a dynamic duo at both Riverhawks games and in the community ever since their debut!

When they first heard news of the Riverhawks' arrival in the river valley, they perched atop the stadium's lights, swooped gracefully over the outfield, and even watched over the crews' brand new field renovations from their tree-side nest. The Riverhawks quickly took note of the birds' love for baseball and their surrounding community in the valley and appointed them as the official mascots of the team ahead of their inaugural season!

Now you can find River and Kid at every Hawks game greeting fans, tossing t-shirts, dancing on the dugouts and riding the odd motorbike across the diamond! They remain a symbol of the team's connection to the natural beauty of their surroundings in the River Valley, reminding everyone that baseball is not just a game but a part of the very fabric of their community.

River Stats

Height: Really tall
Weight: Really heavy
Birthplace: Hatched underneath the Walterdale Bridge

Position: Head Mascot (The Hawk in Charge)
Bats: Are delicious
Catches:Foul balls
Throws: High Fives

Likes: Home runs, eating hotdogs
Dislikes: When team is on the road, rain delays & scarecrows

2023 Season Highlights:
T-Shirts Tossed: 218
Taylor Swift Music Videos Starred In: 1 (for now...)

Kid Stats

Height: 5'10"
Weight: Not Recorded (Won't sit still on the scale)
Birthplace: The River Valley

Position: Center of Attention
Bats: Are Scary
Catches: Up with Riverhawks fans
Throws: Great parties

Likes: Dancing on the dugout & Dizzy bat races
Dislikes: Being bored

2023 Season Highlights:
High Fives Given: 74, 389
Ice Cream Sandwiches Eaten: 42
SelfiesTaken: 37,001

Request River and Kid

The only thing River and Kid love more than partying at a Riverhawks game is partying in the community and being surrounded by their favourite humans… Hawks fans! Whether it be parades, birthday parties, local sporting events or other community and charity events - they would love to be a part of your special occasion! Please fill out the mascot request form below to send them an invitation!

Please note that River and Kid will try their best to make all events requested but their appearances are subject to availability. The completion of this form does not guarantee an appearance.