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Minor Baseball

For many years, RE/MAX Field has been the exclusive domain of professional and summer collegiate baseball teams in Edmonton. The Edmonton Riverhawks would like to change that perspective. We feel that every minor baseball player in the Edmonton area should have the opportunity to play or practice in this iconic baseball facility. With our newly installed artificial turf, this minor baseball experience should be second to none. If your minor baseball team is interested in renting the facility, please contact us at admin@gohawks.ca

Minor Softball

Although the Edmonton Riverhawks play baseball, we understand the great value that softball brings to the young girls and boys in our community. During the installation of our brand-new infield artificial turf, we have incorporated a portable mound that can be removed to allow for entry-level, competitive and national caliber softball events. Can you imagine the excitement of a young softball team playing in a tournament at RE/MAX field with friends and fans looking on?


It is always exciting to see the passion and intensity that is shown by players on slo-pitch diamonds throughout the community. Whether the players are 20 or 70, slo-pitch is an activity that keeps people active and engaged. The Edmonton Riverhawks are excited about offering opportunities for slo-pitch teams to play in tournaments and other events at RE/MAX field. What a great opportunity for players of all ages to finally play on their “Field of Dreams”.

For more information about field rentals. Please email us at admin@gohawks.ca