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In the 2019 MLB draft, 90 players who were drafted had played in the West Coast League at some point in their development, including the 1st and 3rd overall selections. As local Edmontonians, the Riverhawks management are committed to making the upcoming summer baseball experience an unforgettable one for all of these young men. They commit to elite summer collegiate baseball to improve their skills and win games, but we also hope to ensure that they all have a great Edmonton baseball experience.

A Home Stay program for these young men is a wonderful way to expose them to our community, our culture and our fan base. The Riverhawks will be organizing Home Stay opportunities for each of our players during the 2021 season. With a commitment from the end of May until the middle of August, Edmonton families have the chance to share this summer baseball experience with a young man who may end up in the major leagues some day. Just as importantly, each family who offers to join the Home Stay program will know that they were a large part of making this Edmonton summer baseball experience a memorable one for a young aspiring ball player!

With a commitment of a home stay for only 2 ½ months during the summer, of which half the time the players are playing away from Edmonton, a local family may find this to be a very unique way to help our community. Each Home Stay family will receive season tickets for all members of the immediate family, invitations to special team events at RE/MAX Field and a monthly stipend to help cover food and other associated costs.

For more information on the Riverhawks Home Stay program, please contact us at admin@gohawks.ca.