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Famous Filipino Star Pumped to See Son with Riverhawks & Meet Local Filipinos!


Actress Ina Raymundo set to cheer on son & Hawks at “Filipino Fun Day”

Social media sensation Ina Raymundo performs fabulous fitness moves for millions of followers every week. But nothing gets her heart beating more than the thought of her seeing her beloved son step up to the plate at RE/MAX Field.

“It’s surreal, we are so excited,” says Ina from her home in Manilla, Philippines. “My husband and I are so looking forward to coming and seeing him play in Edmonton!”

The buzz has been mounting around the Riverhawks recent signing of rookie sensation and NCAA Division 1 baseball player Jakob Poturnak. Jakob currently plays for Xavier University in Ohio and is known for his exceptional talent as an infielder and powerful slugger.

His mother Ina Raymundo is also known for a few hits of her own.

Ina started modeling in the Philippines in 1994 and became a media sensation one year later after appearing in a local San Miguel beer commercial “Sabado Nights.” That spawned a hit movie and Ina became known as the “Saturday Night Girl,” which is a translation from Sabado Nights. “Even after 28 years later, people will till stop me on the street and call me by that name,” she laughs.

The award-winning actress, singer and dancer went on to appear in a variety of stage, television, and movie productions, including Tuhog (2001). She starred in comedies, horror and romance films, and had roles in daytime soaps, sitcoms, and a television sci-fi fantasy series.

Even though she's led a glamourous life as an international celebrity, Ina and her husband Brian Poturnak have taken a down to earth approach to raising their children. “I don’t always say yes to all the offers I get because I prioritize my family. There’s a reason why my husband and I have five children. I love my kids so much, I’m very picky with work and I accept what I really believe in to balance our life well.”

Ina spent valuable time with her kids growing up and supported Jakob’s interest in baseball. “I always told him, you have to dream big, and he just kept working hard and look where he is now! Along the way I would remind him to be nice because I told him one day you are going to be famous for what you do, and you need to remember where you came from, be approachable and kind.”

The actress also strives to set a positive work ethic for her children. “When it comes to acting, I wasn’t a superstar right away,” says the passionate artist. “You always have to work your way up. I went through many projects to get to where I am. And that’s why I also tell my kids that nothing is a short cut - you have to take the long route, it’s better that way, it teaches you to be humble and more motivated. “

Over the years, as her family grew, Ina expanded her interests to health and fitness and her social media popularity soared. She is a star on Instagram with 1.8 million followers, and on Tik Tok with 2.8 million followers!

“The famous beer commercial did help me a lot and I am thankful for that,” reflects the celebrated icon. “That’s why my Instagram has the year 1995 - because that’s when it all started, and my career journey became very interesting.”

That interesting path has developed from commercials to film and television projects, to singing and dancing. These days Ina is known for her stunning, ageless physique and her strength, jumps, kicks, and Zumba moves. Her amazing fitness routines are showcased in her fun, highly energetic social media videos.

“People believe in me because of what I show my followers, that I’m into fitness. I really have been since I gave birth to my firstborn 21 years ago, I learned to take care of myself and to have self-love. And that’s what I always encourage in my kids - to take care of their mental health and look after their fitness and overall wellness.”

Riverhawks fans will be able to show their love for Ina when she and her family join in on the festivities at RE/MAX Field this summer. They will be in attendance and front and centre come July 2nd when we celebrate “Filipino Fun Day” at the stadium! The game will feature music, dancers, food and engaging activities centered around the Philippines culture.

The local Filipino community is also thrilled to be taking part in this special day. “We are so happy for Jakob Poturnak’s coming to the Riverhawks,” says Ida Beltran-Lucila, Chair, Edmonton Philippine International Centre.

“And especially with his mom, Ina Raymundo. It brings back so many memories for the Filipinos,” she excitedly adds. “We remember her as the actress, the commercial model. It gives us all these wonderful memories of back home.”

Currently over about 80-thousand Filipinos reside in Edmonton, and RE/MAX Field is a perfect place for Ina and her family to visit and connect with the vibrant Filipino community. “We are looking forward to celebrate with Jakob being on the Riverhawks and welcoming their whole family to Edmonton!” adds Ida.

“I just can’t wait to hang out with my fellow Filipino Canadians, too,” says the famous star. “And I’m sure we will have nice stories to share, it’s really going to be fun. And I love Canada in the summer, it’s the best time of year to go!”

Ina’s husband and Jakob’s dad, Brian Poturnak originally grew up in British Columbia. While the family has fond memories of western Canada vacations, it will be their first visit to Edmonton. “I would like to go scootering, that’s one of my favourite things to do,” says Ina with a smile. “And, of course, try out some delicious Filipino restaurants while I’m there!” We’re sure Ida and the friendly Filipino community in Edmonton will help make that happen!

Before then, Ina will be busy staying fit for an important part of the July 2nd game. “I’m looking forward to throwing the first pitch, so I need to practice for that,” she laughs. “I have to look good!”

No doubt Ina’s going to look great in the official Riverhawks T-shirt she’s embraced from the Riverhawks Hawk Shop, that she plans to wear watching all of Jakob’s games.

“I want to be known as a good mom,” says Ina. “Really, that’s the most important thing to me. I might be an all-around artist, have done some movies and won an acting award, but I’m so proud of how my children turned out.”

“And Jakob is such a good kid. He is strong, easygoing and will get along with the coaches. We just know he’s going to have an amazing baseball career. We are very thankful to the Riverhawks for this opportunity and that he’s here in Edmonton - we are overjoyed to see him play!”

The Riverhawks, fans and Filipino community are equally as pumped to see Jakob on the field and Ina in the stands. You can come jump into the excitement and help give them a big warm welcome at the Riverhawk’s “Filipino Fun Day” July 2nd.

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You can see and hear Ina directly in the story on our YouTube channel!