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River & Kid Busy Celebrating Community Spirit!


Riverhawks Mascots Popular Guests in Capital Region!

On a warm, sunny fall evening in the park at Crestwood, parents, children and neighbours came together to enjoy live music, games, food trucks, and beer tasting from the local SYC Brewing. There were also fantastic community membership door prizes from the likes of the Edmonton Riverhawks, Chateau Lacombe, Sorrentino’s and Volvo.

The home run entertainment was topped off with a lively appearance by one of the Edmonton Riverhawks’ mascots, Kid, as he greeted children at the park to hand out baseballs, baseball cards and big, warm hugs. And while Kid might be known for his sleek slides on the RE/MAX Field bases, he also had fun with the Crestwood kids whipping down the playground slide!

“When Kid walked out all of a sudden he had this following of young kids, it just upped the energy level when he arrived,” says Andrea Hestvik, Facility Director of the Crestwood Community League. “So that was a neat thing to see, and it hasn’t really quit since! Having the Riverhawks here has a really great appeal to both the kids and adults.”

“It’s something unique that we haven’t experienced before up close,” says Crestwood resident Andrew Kinsella. “Our boys were having so much fun chasing Kid around the park and really putting him through the paces, trying to grab his tail too,” he laughs. “ I think he had to run for cover!”

“We’ve been down to the Riverhawks games before and really enjoyed them,” adds the big baseball fan, “and my boys always wanted to get to Kid on the concourse as well. So it’s really nice to have him come out to a community event like this.”

Crestwood is the oldest community league in Edmonton, dating back to 1917. Its history resonates with the philosophy of the Edmonton Riverhawks. The team uses its games and its beautiful ballpark in the river valley not only for baseball; the games also serve as a platform for all sorts of organizations, from community leagues to services clubs to charitable groups - and everything in between!

“People who have come down to the ballpark tell us how much fun they had and how affordable it is - and that the baseball is amazing, as well,” says Riverhawks GM Steve Hogle. “We try to stage cool events that make everyone have fun and feel welcome. We really want to build community. But it’s also important for us to help achieve that by going to other events and supporting our friends in their endeavours, as well.”

Kid and the baseball team’s other mascot, River, have been making the rounds at other community leagues, such as Royal Gardens, and a variety of community events such as the Alberta Law Enforcement Torch Run, “Ignition for Inclusion.” Whenever the mascots head out and about, crowds always seem to follow.

The residents in Crestwood love how activity can bring a community together and give people the opportunity to make new connections. Thus, the community leaders focused the redevelopment of their land on an impressive new hockey rink and tennis/pickleball courts in addition to the existing hall.

“I think it’s wonderful to have Kid here,” adds Crestwood event volunteer Herman Hordal and Riverhawks fan. “I hope that they continue to work with communities at events like this. Their games are very exciting and entertaining, and also cost effective for families to attend – they’re a lot of fun, just like what we’re having here!’

“Coming out of COVID, people are looking to reconnect,” reflects Andrea. “And I think hosting events like this is so important, getting local businesses involved and those who have an interest in bringing the community together. These types of events help create a sense of ownership of community. The more time people spend in these places with each other, the more engagement you get, and it just contributes to everybody looking out for each other that way. So it's a really great thing and we're so glad to have Kid and the Riverhawks out here supporting us along the way.”

We love getting out to events like the one at the Crestwood Community League. If you have an event that you would like River and/or Kid to attend, please reach out to the Riverhawks Community Engagement Team at admin@gohawks.ca