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Heartfelt Gratitude for our Inaugural Season

We are just catching our collective breath after an inaugural season that has been a bit of a blur!

A scant three months ago we were an excited yet nervous group of 30 local residents wanting to make a difference in our community. To that end, we were about to embark on something we had never done before - operate a baseball team.

We believed we had most things in place for our debut in the West Coast League - coaches, players, game day staff, ticketing personnel, food and beverage experts, volunteers and more - but we would be naive to suggest we were 100% sure of how things would roll out. We certainly believed things would turn out well but, to be honest, we didn’t know for sure.

We were - and remain - humbled by the response. The players on the field, the performers on stages, the fans in the stands and so many more came out in force.

We are so grateful countless people came to tell us they had so much fun at the ballpark with the various themes and activities; that it was so affordable to come down to a game with the family or a group of friends; and that the quality of baseball was the best since the Edmonton Trappers of the old AAA Pacific Coast League.

We cannot thank you enough. We thought we were rolling out something cool but the fans are the ultimate judges. And you quickly returned with the verdict - a stamp of overwhelming approval - for which we are forever thankful.

We are back at work on behalf of the fans, already planning and plotting, trying to dream up even more ways to have fun at this beautiful diamond in our river valley. We are also thinking of ways we can activate the park beyond baseball.

People often equate success with winning and losing. Although that is the nature of any sport, we are happy to see our fans share a more important goal for our city and our team. Our goal, at the end of the day, is to help build community; to work to make the capital region an even greater place to live, work and play.

We are so fortunate to have the platform we have to chase that goal. We call RE/MAX Field the People’s Park. We love sharing it with everyone and we are always looking for new ways to do that.

For now, on behalf of our team, once again, our sincere thanks. We look forward to seeing you again for more fun at the ballpark.

Randy Gregg, Manager Director

Steve Hogle, General Manager

Ryan Gregg, Operations Manager