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Edmonton Riverhawks to become the Talus Balls!


Landmark Aficionado Announces Name in Honour of Famous Monument

12:05 pm April 1, 2023

The Edmonton Riverhawks are changing their name in the upcoming season. After just one campaign, the club will become the Talus Balls during the summer of 2023, a tip of the cap to the world renowned Talus Dome.

The Riverhawks brought in internationally recognized Branding Expert and Landmark Enthusiast, Dr. Tinku Sphereson, to make the announcement. Sphereson says this name will be roundly welcomed across the globe.

“Monuments like the Muttart Conservatory, the Walterdale Bridge and the Eiffel Tower are too angular. Critics, including Edmontonians, don’t like angularity. They know true art comes in soft lines - circles and curves. Simply put, they love their balls.”

Sphereson recently walked around the Talus Dome installation just off the Whitemud Freeway. The installation, which was built in 2010 at a cost of $600,000, may have been labelled a big bag of marbles in some quarters, but the rotund critic easily deflects such criticism.

“There are thousands of Instagramians and TikTokians embracing the balls there every day! That love comes full circle when the Riverhawks - who people are so passionate about - embrace the balls.”

“It’s going to be so much fun seeing the players hurl those magical orbs, the arc of the sphere and fans in the stands celebrating the balls. Everyone will be having a ball!”

Sphereson is coaxing the Riverhawks to get the Balls rolling with the Edmonton Arts Council to create even more orb art all around the city.

“The Riverhawks are already way ahead of the curve. Can you imagine seeing balls all over the city? People would be so excited because those balls would trigger wonderful memories of the big balls at the Talus Dome and the sporty Talus Balls that play down at RE/MAX Field.”

Video: Dr. Tinku Sphereson Announces Telus Balls